Daily activities

All actions while awake or asleep become a part of the human body pattern. This creates a “living function” that best supports the use of our physiology.

The process of repositioning and recruitment exercises learned in physical therapy helps our system become neutral. The most efficient way to remain in the state of neutrality is by maintaining alternating reciprocal movement during all daily activities. We will refer to this third stage of physical therapy as retraining exercises, which is of utmost importance; because it includes all activities we do in our life. If, this stage is overlooked, it will jeopardize how our body’s systems work together. Understanding the application of retraining exercises into daily life is beneficial for all.
Please refer to the videos of daily activities on this website to broaden your understanding of the best way to do your daily activities.

Alternating reciprocal movement

Alternating shift
Movement of both sides of the body in the same direction.

Reciprocal shift
Movement between the sides of the body in different directions.