Staff Bio`s

Michal’s Niedzielski - PT, PRC

MichaelNiedzielskiMichal graduated with a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy from the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw, Poland in 1992.  Prior to starting the Comprehensive Physical Therapy (former Physical Therapy Center of Horseheads) in 1996 with Joyce Wasserman, Michal worked as a physical therapist for the Arnot Ogden Medical Center.  In 2007, Michal earned the designation of being Postural Restoration Certified (PRC).  He then returned to Poland to introduce the concepts of Postural Restoration to hundreds of students and physiotherapists. He lectured and taught courses in Poland at several universities. He has guest lectured locally to college physical therapy majors, coaches, and medical professionals.

Michal currently sees patients whose conditions range from slight compensations with minor aches to a serious pathology with incapacitating pain.
His goal is to restore each patient’s function to the highest possible level.

Michal works with athletes to support their individual and team success. The fruits of his work with athletes include a State Championship girl’s volleyball team and an Olympian winning a silver medal in Sydney. He also consults with a fencing coach at a fencing club in Washington, D.C.

“As a physical therapist I remember my first patient. I took stock of all I learned in school as I treated this patient. Wow! I said to myself, I need to know this content a whole lot better than I do, and that was my overwhelming thought pattern those early days! In my mind, I was reviewing the facts of my lessons on muscles, bones, and ligaments and their application to each treatment, but I was not yet seeing the big picture.

With each new patient I learned more and more. I studied with Ron Hruska, the man who developed the Postural Restoration Institute. This education organized my thinking and increased my understanding of my daily work.

Currently, I am at a point of discovery in my career. With each patient, I see relationships within the human body and each of its systems. I see the effect that each unique dysfunction places on those systems.

I am working to share my knowledge of the body’s dynamic nature with related professionals and patients like you.

Observations and analysis of each individual case continues to improve my diagnostic and treatment ability. I strive to have each patient make an expedient return to their daily lives of healthy living.”

Kathy Michaels - receptionist, office manager, billing specialist, certified physician coder

I came to the Comprehensive Physical Therapy (former Physical Therapy Center of Horseheads) in 2009 and my organizational and clerical skills fit nicely into a team. I see excellent patient’s outcomes and my belief and trust in this team is ever growing. It is a pleasure to work in an office that commands your respect. This practice stresses the positive and from scheduling appointments to dealing with insurance claims I aim to maintain this high standard. Patients deserve the support of an office that is both calm and well run, and that too is my job. My days are ever changing, interesting, and enjoyable.

I will help you: schedule appointments, resolve all insurance matters, answer questions in person via phone 607-795-1539 or e-mail Please do not hesitate to contact me.