Philosophy Shared by Comprehensive Physical Therapy

Imagine a scientist who observes your body position while you are standing, sitting, and walking and has the exact education needed to apply their understanding of how your body interacts to improve your posture. With this vision, a therapist, supported by a team of medical clinicians, helps many patients restore their optimal function of movement from where they are to homeostasis.

What would we call such a therapist? A job title does not currently exist, but our hope is that someday it will. For now, let’s call this professional a Postural Restoration Therapist. A Postural Restoration Therapist’s job is to diagnose and treat the body’s compensations and pathologies by identifying specific problems caused by faulty posture and its effect on movement. Each treatment is intended to restore function to the best possible degree. A practicing Postural Restoration Therapist works to integrate the alternating reciprocal movement of your body. An example could be the gait: normally when your right hand goes forward, your left foot goes forward, and the reverse is true.

When this alternating reciprocal movement is restored, a patient’s pain is often replaced by comfort for the first time in years and they think it is magic. The only magic is that of science and much training.

Welcome to our practice. We hope you will benefit from our expertise and find this website helpful and educational.

Personal Note of Appreciation and Recognition

Sincere thanks to Ron Hruska and the Postural Restoration Institute for the influence they have had on us and the subsequent shaping of this practice. We are truly humbled by Ron’s knowledge, leadership, and ability to communicate and inspire. Ron’s communication of his scientific insights has allowed many to improve as therapists and inspired us to assemble a team of medically related clinicians. As a team, we meet monthly to integrate the knowledge of our related fields with the work taught at the Postural Restoration Institute. This team of professionals has the goal of learning and growing to better serve patients. In short, this man has facilitated our growth as effective clinicians. There is no one who has influenced us more in our professional life. Thank you for it all.